Samuel Macdonald, United Kingdom.

Samuel is an award-winning composer based in the UK, dividing his time mostly between Cambridge and Bristol. His primary influences include Philip Glass, Lee Konitz, Franz Schubert, and William Byrd.
A particular interest in vocal music and dramatic music, including both film and theatre music, originates from his early interest in acting and his continuing interest in the ability of music to create and enhance a narrative. His compositional identity draws on a wide pallet of musical styles and is rooted predominantly on his in-depth understanding of jazz and classical styles, developed both through his studies in music at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and through his performance background as an orchestral conductor, a jazz saxophonist, and a choral singer.
Samuel’s experience with acoustic ensembles is complemented by his ability to utilise technology to expand the sonic possibilities of his music, and to adapt sound to a live event, as in his theatre work.

Audio/Video Tracks by Samuel
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