Letizia E. Klaver (born 1996) is an Italo-Dutch composer. She started playing the piano at the age of six and has since shown a keen interest in making music.
In 2018 she completed her bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, with special focus on film and screenplay and which included analytic courses on mass media and brand awareness. For her degree Letizia also concentrated on the classics and on the musical as a genre. She moreover attended extracurricular courses on the history of cinema and has done a prestigious workshop on screenplay writing by an Emmy Award winning professional. In 2018 she attended an international film music composition course in Utrecht.
Letizia’s interest in film, joined to her passion for making music, led to scoring short films. She is especially attracted by the power music has in film and the way it conveys particular emotions and moods when combined to certain visuals.
Letizia specializes in the composition of orchestral music, as well as in music ranging from rock to electronic rock for audiovisual media, including (short) movies and documentaries. She also composes music for other media such as commercials and animation movies.

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