Dimitri Arnauts conducting a choir rehearsal in July 2018 in Oxford, UK.

Born in 1973 in Brussels, Dimitri lives near the capital of Belgium.
He has written numerous works of various sizes and settings, being mainly cantatas, psalms, oratorios, concertos, and other choral or instrumental works - but also several large-scale symphonic works and electronic music, or vocal improvisations.
More recently, he ventured into the world of music for visuals by (re)scoring different shortfilm projects.
​He also completed choral and orchestral conducting courses, in Oxford, UK (James Jordan and Steve Pilkington, USA) and in Sherborne, UK (with Maestro Rodolfo Saglimbeni, Venezuela and Amy Bebbington, UK), and film music composition courses at the HKU Utrecht, The Netherlands (with Rens Machielse).
He has published three albums of original music online, comprising organ works, choral works, vocal improvisations, electronic six-part fantasies and two full-length concert movies, totaling about 7 hours of new music. His current catalogue features about 600 (multi-movement) opuses.
In 2019, Dimitri is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to fund the launch of a new vocal-instrumental ensemble, the AdFontes Consort of Music. You can support their launch on https://igg.me/at/AdFontes...
Dimitri enjoys good food, trees and bees, violin, icon painting and graphic design.

Audio Tracks by Dimitri
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